Sídlo AedAED project, a.s. (incorporated company) belongs among the best renowned design and engineering companies in the Czech Republic. During more then 20 years of its existence and thanks to its cooperation with the best architectural offices, developers, and contractors AED project acquired unique experience and references.

Ing. Zbyněk Ransdorf and ing. Aleš Marek, met at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague (FS ČVUT) in 1983. After thy graduated from the ČVUT, they met again in Pragoprojekt, in the building department headed by prof. akad. Arch. Petr Keil.

When the social system changed in Czechoslovakia, they started designing together, independently. From 1991 as an association, in 1992 they established a limited liability company that transformed in an incorporated company in 2002.

There are currently over a hundred projects being managed in the office, approximately one half of them in the stage in course of which is produced project documentation, the rest in the stage of negotiations and preliminaries.



AED project PF 2020!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! more… ]


Two Awards in Central Bohemia Region

Reconstruction of the Archbishop's Chateau and Gardens to a hotel in Dolní Břežany was nominated for the title and was awarded by the Award for the Best Reconstruction of in the Building of the Year competition in the Central Bohemian Region. more… ]


CSOB Building Awarded in The Building of the Year 2019

The building of ČSOB - SHQ headquarters in Prague-Radlice (Chalupa architekti) was awarded the CZ Bim Award for the scope of using BIM technology. more… ]

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