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Wine & Food Market

Chronology: 2010
Investment: 12 000 000 CZK
Area: 500 m²
Typology: Other
Location: Prague 5

Authors: Mgr.A. Petr Kolář, Ing. arch. Oxana Bresneva
Investor: Wine Food Market s.r.o.
Relation to Project : Complex project documentation in all its stages including engineering services.
  • The prize in the competition Shop of the year 2010 in the category Best Interior

Former tire service was changed to wine and food shop according to the project made in prestigious Prague studio ADR. Existing utilitarian object situated in Prague district Smíchov got new external cladding (incl. roof structure). Important intervention into form of existing building constitutes especially illumination and opening facade to streets U Královské louky and Strakonická. The cladding of the internal part of the shop is designed as a system of structural glass skin with mastic joints and concealed aluminum frame. Load-bearing structure is formed by lightweight wooden construction inbuilt in current hall and it is almost independent on former building. Existing walled constructions are used only for ventilation of new construction. All wooden constructions are made of whitewood, connecting links are made of steel and constructional desks are made of OSB. External cladding of existing object is confessed, walls are battered to brick and then painted, the roof structure is repaired and again in use. In complex is situated parking for customers, shop, storage area, facilities for employees and sitting for customers. In view of intended assortment grew up in the shop also specialized and separated part with cooling used for storing of exclusive wines. Built-in function gave rise an arcade, which enables outdoor sitting for customers during the summer. Realization of Wine & Food Market got the “Best Interior” award in annual competition called “Shop of the Year” enounced by professional journal Regal.