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Hotel Boscolo

Chronology: 2003
Investment: 101 - 500 mil. CZK
Area: 14 637 m²
Typology: Hotels
Location: Prague 1

Authors: Ing. arch. Petr Malinský, Dipl. arch. Richard Doležal, ETH/SIA
Investor: Boscolo Hotels
Relation to Project : Complex project dodumentation in all its stages including engineering services.
  • Best of Realty 2003 in the category Hotels
  • Title Build of the Year 2004

The building of the Hypoteční banka Království českého (Neo-Renaissance palace by architect Achille Wolf, 1894) was complemented by a new six-storey extension in the courtyard converting it into a luxury five-star hotel Carlo IV (149 guestrooms).

The renovation preserves the posh style of the historical building’s original function: murals in the entrance lobby were renovated as well as the stucco and decorative elements; the original central skylight above the court was restored. There is the new entrance to the building in the northeast part featuring a modern architectural style – a light glazed volume (glass panes printed with red-brown autumn leaves) and an eight meters deep awning above the entrance clad in leaf gold at the bottom. The historical façade was restored and revitalised in its original colours.

The complicated structural design dealt with building of new basements under the historical structure while preserving these listed parts. There was built a unique wellness centre here; there is the smoke lounge instead of the former safe vault on the ground floor.

The new reinforced concrete structure is a simple rectangular shape (with its façade having wood French windows and large glass panels set in front of it decorated by cooked serigraphy with a motive of green leaves). The courtyards are situated symmetrically on both sides of the historical building (5 floors above the ground including the attic).

There were used natural materials in the original and the newly designed areas (stone – marble, onyx and Brazilian quartzite, wood – oak parquetry and South-American cherry, palisander veneers and glass mosaic), hard smooth plasters in pastel colours in the new rooms (congress, ground floor corridors and the swimming pool) in the new part. There were installed replicas of the preserved original light in corridors of the historical building.

(Elaborated using the architect’s report)