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Fire station

Chronology: 2000
Investment: 60 000 000 CZK
Area: 4 666 m²
Typology: Other
Location: Prague 5

Authors: prof. ak. arch. Petr Keil
Investor: Hasičský záchranný sbor hl. m. Prahy
Relation to Project : Complex project documentation in all its stages including engineering services.

A new build of a fire station in Prague-Košíře.

The station comprises several units arranged in one whole fulfilling basic functions needed for the Emergency Medical Service, the Fire Brigade, and the Municipal Police.

The station consists of a mono-block structure of a rectangular footprint with a wing closing the station’s courtyard from the east. It was very important to locate the main operational part of the building - the garage for rescue vehicles – directly linking it to the city road network. The building has four storeys; there are storage rooms and technical BOH in the basement, the ground floor houses an entrance lobby and a car fleet with necessary facilities. All units of the rescue system use the first floor – there are offices and function rooms here for the Emergency Medical Service and the Municipal Police, teaching rooms and other facilities. The Fire Brigade uses the two uppermost floors – as offices, accommodation and other rooms including common rooms and sanitary facilities. Part of circulation cores are – except the staircases – also slides for firemen in action.

The overall architectural appearance corresponds with current needs and emphasises the function and operation of the building.

From the structural point of view, founding was particularly complicated – a high groundwater level and difficult subbase had their say in thorough and complex founding of the build. The structure is a reinforced concrete frame cast in-situ, at difficult points supported by steel columns of appropriate quality. Besides the operational function, slides for firemen act as loadbearing elements.