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Extension School Dobřichovice

Chronology: 2014
Investment: 45 000 000 CZK
Area: 1982 m²
Typology: Public
Location: CZ

Authors: SHA, s.r.o. - Ing. arch. Oldřich Hájek, Ing. arch. Jaroslav Šafer, Ing. arch. Radek Toman, Ing. arch. Jakub Koníř, Ing. arch. Olga Kostřížová, Ing. arch. Pavel Lesenský, Ing. arch. Laco Fecsu
Investor: Statutary City of Dobřichovice
Relation to Project : Complex project documentation in all its stages including engineering services.
  • Title Build of the Year 2015
  • Prize readers of media partners awarded in the competition Best of Realty 2015


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