The AED defended its first place in the rating

The AED project office confirmed its dominance in the ABF Foundation's rating among project offices and received a certificate of Excellent Quality as well as confirmation of first place in the long-term ranking.


The RABF evaluation is based on a number of national, regional and professional shows, where each has its jurries. These evaluations are then attended by completely independent groups of experts, often with different professional or ideological perspectives. The integration of such evaluations allows ABF Foundation (RABF) rating processors to issue certificates of excellent, excellent and good quality based on an extensive set of data from various evaluations over the last five years.

For the RABF of 2020, these are evaluations for the years 2015–2019, in which it was possible to uniquely obtain evaluations from a total of 29 national, regional or professional exhibitions, evaluations and competitions. This represents a combination of the opinions of 29 professional independent juries, in which 200 independent Czech and foreign jurors sit every year (in some competitions extended by other expert choirs) and 12 public votes, in which over 250,000 voters take part each year.

The first place among 696 studios and offices was (again) maintained by AED project, a. s.